19 July 2005

Why a Blog?

I have never been a diarist. I have tried from time to time, and never persisted for more than a week. I’m also not much of a correspondent. The last time I made a serious effort to write a series of letters was when my kids were away at summer camp. I figured that they would enjoy getting mail, and might send a card or two in reply. It didn’t work.

I don’t have an agenda, either. I’m political, of course. (Otherwise, Aristotle wouldn’t think I was human.) But I don’t need to set up a forum for a specific political or social activity; I just join the ones that already exist.

What I do have, though, are peculiar interests. Interests significantly different from those of my family, my friends, my coworkers. The list of topics I’m now banned from raising at the dinner table is too long to give here. When I try to engage my colleagues, they remember important meetings. So I’ve been working through things on my own, never really sure whether I’m making a sensible argument or a spittle-flecked sidewalk rant.

I’ve been surfing the blog world for a while now, and have found people who share some of my peculiar interests. Some are sensible. Some are, well, not. Apparently, I’m not alone, just disconnected. From which group time will tell.

My hope, then, is for a blog that is in the form of a chat, and that might connect with other blog people who could give me a better sense of my own sensibility. It seems like a format that is right for sorting things out.


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