21 December 2005


I am not much of a self-Googler, but I cannot resist playing with statistics. Hence, I tested the sluttishness of this blog by means of this calculator. Set among the results that had been tabulated recently, we find From the Rachel at 3.48%, sluttier than CNN (at 1.46%), far more innocent than Pharyngula (25.31%) or Daily Kos (53.41%), and flush up against Wikipedia (3.5%).

Curiously, while the etymology of ‘slut’ is imperfectly established (apparently, it is not significant that it is one of several Swedish words meaning ‘end’), it seems to have been drawn into English in the 15th century from a German word meaning an untidy or slovenly person. Could it be that higher Slut-o-Meter readings reflect sites that are more free-wheeling in their expression?

From the Rachel: as sluttish as Wikipedia. Something to be proud of.


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