05 February 2007

Monday Quote Frenzy - Haiku

Two particular favorites, from the collection of translations by Harold Henderson

kumo ori-ori
hito-ni yasumuru
tsuki-mi kana

Clouds come from time to time –
and bring to men a chance to rest
from looking at the moon.

– Basho

tsuyu no yo wa
tsuyu no yo nagara
sari nagara

This dewdrop world –
a dewdrop world it is, and still,
although it is…

– Issa

Having just read over the latest IPCC report on global climate change, and recalling a world-weary remark by Hunter Thompson, originally made as he watched North Vietnamese troop roll into Saigon in 1975, I have written a global warming variation on Issa’s dewdrop haiku:
Summer comes and we
Are doomed. Oh yes, doomed. And yet,
We’ve been doomed before.


Blogger Tania said...

Do you have any Christmas quotes haiku?

18 December, 2007 09:02  

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