11 August 2005

The Sound of Medieval History Rocking

I'm not sure why I follow Blogenspiel. Partly, it's because I think history in general is interesting, and I'm not very discriminating about periods. Partly, it's because Another Damned Medievalist has such a sharp eye for the academic world. And, of course, the fact that ADM's attempt to secure a place in that world has been sheer melodrama tends to draw in the reader.

Whatever. None of that matters now.

In this post, ADM unleashes the ur-historian inside, and reveals the passion and perplexity of doing history. It's a glimpse of the real joy of scholarly work. It ought to be assigned reading for every student everywhere, to help them understand that the life of the mind can be awesome.

Go. Read it. And commit to memory that last line:
[I]t's good someties to remember that what we do, we often do because it's cool and geeky and because we, or at least I, love the fact that there is so much to argue about -- every question a hydra, every answer a target for someone else.


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