14 September 2005

Job Opportunity

Part of my morning routine is to review the results of the various job search agents that I have trolling the standard databases. This morning, my Monster agent included amongst the jobs that fit my search criteria one entitled: "United States Supreme Court Justice".

OK, maybe I've set my sights too high, but I thought it would be worth checking out.

The ad was posted by a company called Accolo, which promises to forward serious candidates to President Bush and the Senate Judiciary Committee. They are seeking applicants with "[s]trength of character, historical perspective, rhetorical flair, and a willingness to stand on principle", who are attracted to "the opportunity of a lifetime as you mold the fundamental legal principles of the United States during a time of great volatility". Among the job's advantages: "The United States Federal Government offers competitive salary and benefits."

The highlight of the posting, though, is the advance look at the sort of interview questions that applicants will face. These include:

2. To find a justification for the right to privacy, I would start looking in:
• My bathroom
• Warren Burger's imagination
• The Bill of Rights
• My credit card company's database
• Cleveland

8. In general, my view on endangered species is that:
• Sufficient controls and legislation are in place
• Environmental legislation is in place but needs more enforcement
• We have a moderate risk of losing endangered species and that some additional legislation and controls need to be put in place
• There is a crisis affecting endangered species and that extreme action needs to be taken
• They're best in a white wine sauce with capers

16. To me, the expression "prior experience on the bench" primarily refers to:
• Weightlifting
• Being third string on the high-school basketball team
• Gym class
• Being a judge

17. Regarding religious freedom in the public schools, I believe public schools should:
• Be allowed to include religious topics, with respect for a student's right to abstain
• Discuss religious topics only if ALL major religions are discussed equally
• Decide as a school what level of religious content is appropriate
• Not reference religion in any way

If you are interested in the job, or want to refer some qualified candidate, you can start the process at the Accolo website. Good luck!


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